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I remember a time when I would receive a phone call that would change my life. The home phone rang I picked it up and said “Hello who is this?”

“Hello?” A woman’s voice was on the other end “Hello. Is this Amanda?” she asked.

“Yes, it is. And who are you?” I was a little pleased I had never had someone call the house to talk to me.

“Please-“the woman said her voice was thick with emotion I knew she was crying “Please, please tell me if you see Lisa or if she calls you. I’m Lisa’s mother and none has seen her all day.” The woman cried over the phone and I felt cold.

I no longer felt pleased that I had received a call, I felt cold and my breath was caught in my throat. And I hear her say “She likes you, she talks about you sometimes please call me if you learn anything.” Her voice was stronger but still very emotional.

“Mrs. Waters I have not seen her but I promise she calls I’ll call you right back.”  I heard myself say.

“Thank you; please call me if you hear anything.” Mrs. Waters said

“Of course I will Mrs. Water and I’m sure Lisa will be back soon.” And I meant that I believed she would come home that day. 

“She told me you are kind she was right. You be safe Amanda-“ She was sobbing again “Please, please always tell your parents were you’re going.” She implored.

“Of course, yes Mrs. Water I always tell my parents were I’m going.”

“Good girl.” Mrs. Waters chocked out through the tears.

“She will come home Mrs. Waters and I promise to call you if I hear anything.” I said firmly making a promise to a woman I had never met. I genuinely believed that if I said it firmly things would turn out all right.

“I hope so.” She cried “Good bye be safe.”

“Good bye Mrs. Waters.” I said quietly all the strength left my voice and I hung up the phone.

I stood in front the phone, a black ordinary house phone it had called I.D and a redial button. And as I look at the phone I wondered how did she get my phone number. I was certain I had never given Lisa Waters or any classmate my home phone number. At the time there was only MySpace but nobody in my family had a MySpace profile. How did she get my phone number?

I liked Lisa but she wasn’t a friend, I would chat with her at school on very rare occasions but we never played together. It had been years since the last time I have seen Lisa and now from out of the blue her mother calls asking about her. I was very worried for Lisa Waters that day and I’ve been worry about her ever since. I think about her and her mother’s call every now and again.

 I found I lighter its black with white paper taped to it. On the paper written in black colored pencil is ‘Lisa’s lighter’ in fancy cursive, and in red colored pencil a red rose with green detailed levees. It’s because of this lighter have decided to write this story. I doubt it’s her lighter but I can’t stop thinking about a call from a distraught mother and a girl who went missing years ago.

 I have never heard from Mrs. Waters even again to say she found Lisa or to ask questions or beg for information.  I want answer if you are Lisa or knows what happened to Lisa Waters please leave me an email


Jasmine was a girl back in the 70’s. She was playful and gentle, but one day when she was home the phone was ringing. She picked up the phone and said: Hello it’s Jasmine, who am i talking to?? No one Answerd the phone. She hanged up and went to the couch to have a nap. She fell asleep. As she waked up there was nothing around her and as she was trying to open the door, all of the lamps cracked. It was dark, Jasmine couldn’t see. She tried to open the door anyway but it wouldn’t open. She sat down in the dark, afraid, and suddenly…. the TV turns on. It’s her favourite show. The show has the same name as Jasmine. On the show it was about the ritual to wake up The JasmineJasmine did just as they said on the show, after that…. everything blacked out. The TV stopped working, the windows were dark, nothing. And suddenly she hears a voice of somebody whispering JASMINE JASMINE JASMINE…. LET*S PLAY!! Jasmine said yes, and after a while the whispering voice sais NOW YOU’RE GONE!!  and she fell asleep….forever

THE RITUAL (your own risk)

Take a piece of paper and put a BURNING candle on top of it. Write your name on a piece of paper so the name barely fit and burn it up with help from the candle and the say JASMINE JASMINE JASMINE and then blow out the light and stay were you are in 5 MINUTES and then you got 10 MINUTES to hide before JASMINE will be coming.


DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a normal winter day. The Sun was shining and the clouds where white just like the snow. I was a big fan of Mario and Smash Bros. I couldn’t wait till it comes out for PC. My friend called he said that his dad works for Nintendo. He said its for PC. Its a little buggy. 2 weeks later, I finally got the box. I called my friend no answer. I thought that he was on vacation. I opened the box. There was a little note that said “Don’t play this game he will come and get you. Don’t play it he has already done it too me. Dude destroy the CD before he kills you and all of us!!!! Its not late for you but its to late for me………………………….. If you play it he will kill you, Don’t put it on instagram ;(” then i saw some blood stains on the paper. That said “Bye dude, see you in Heaven”. I thought he was making it up because he wanted it him self :D. SO i played it, It was just like the new smash bros all new and awesome. I played for about 15 min and then i saw a picture on the screen KEEP THIS INTERESTING FOR ME #ZOLI i have no idea what i say. It looked mean and evil So creepy. After that a screen in Chinese or some thing asian 再次玩这个,看看你身后是已经到晚期了,谢谢你们分享我的。让它分享给大家!!!!看看你身后为你的死亡和黑色是什么,你会看到的  So I shared it on instagram #Zoli, and I heard a whisper “Look behind you”. Then it was too late…………………………………………………………………………………….. Zoli said “HAHAHHA  Some one play with me again >:D”

I’ve been reading through these incredibly creepy stories, so I thought I’d share one that, while I was involved to a small extent, really is my mother’s story about a guy she met in high school who just won’t leave my family alone. This story will require some background, so bear with me, because this might be a lengthy read. For the sake of brevity, I’m only posting one of many stories that I have concerning this man, since his presence in our lives spans nearly thirty years.  

We still live near the town my mom grew up in, and to this day, the population still hasn’t hit the four digit mark.  It was also, and still is, the sort of town where those with “social standing” in the community basically had full run of the place. I guess if you mixed Dukes of Hazzard and Mayberry, you’d end up with exactly my hometown.

At any rate, my mom attended a tiny, local private school most of her life, and her graduating class had literally all known one another since birth. I think that it was a mixture of familiarity and low self-confidence that caused my mom to agree to date her first boyfriend, who was also in her class, and who we’ll just call Gene. Again, I have to emphasize that this was a guy she had known since she was a little girl. They grew up in the same church, went to the same local events, etc. She knew what he was like, probably better than most people that just start dating might know their new significant other. And Gene was a few bricks shy of a load. He was obsessive, mean-spirited, arrogant, and believed that, because his dad was the local sheriff, he was entitled to have whatever he wanted, however and whenever he wanted.

And, according to my mom, he’d wanted her since sixth grade when they’d hit puberty.

It wasn’t until their senior year in high school that she agreed to start going out with him. My mom had never really been interested in boys. But Gene was a persistent person, and relatively good-looking. At eighteen, my mom genuinely believed that she wasn’t going to get any better prospects if she ever wanted to start a family of her own. She’s got a temper, but she’s really a kind person, so she thought she’d give him a chance.

You know that old saying about the road to hell and good intentions?

It was a weird relationship to say the least. Mom told me that she wishes she could have bottled and sold whatever it was that made her stay, now that she has 20/20 hindsight. She never slept with him, flat out refused to, because something told her that it would be a bad idea. So he secretly slept around with her friends. He was verbally abusive and controlling, making her wear only certain things when they went on dates, but telling her that no matter how good she looked, she really wasn’t good enough for him or his family (which his parents also loved to tell her), but he wanted her anyways. When she went to work, he was waiting in his truck, watching her to make sure she didn’t talk to anyone he didn’t want her to. To make a long story short, after four years of getting her belly full of this relationship, my mom finally broke it off (tossing him out of a moving car after he pissed her off by claiming that whatever she bought with her hard-earned money was automatically his since they were going to get married anyway). But despite breaking it off with him, Gene swore up and down that there was no way in hell he was going to let her go, because my mom belonged to him.

Fast forward another four years. My mom met my dad, got married, bought a house about thirteen miles outside of town, and just had me. My mom had moved on, but apparently Gene wasn’t willing to. He constantly called my parents’ house to talk to her even after she got married. He would leave letters in the mailbox begging her to come back to him. After I was born, the calls and letters got more hateful. Keep in mind it was the late 80’s. There was no caller I.D. back then, so while she could avoid the letters, she couldn’t entirely sidestep the phone calls. He spread rumors around town that he was my biological father, among other nasty things (despite the fact that, as I said, my mom never slept with him and definitely not after she’d been happily married to my dad). Gene was the sheriff now, basically inheriting the position from his father, so who was my mom supposed to go to for help? My dad was furious, because he felt helpless. His wife was constantly being harassed, and with the police department firmly in Gene’s back pocket, what was he supposed to do without running the risk of being arrested, or worse, disappearing? Or even more frightening, something really awful happening to my mom or me in retaliation? Lots of people had gone missing over the years around here. It was nothing but swamp for miles. Who’d know? Who could find you?

Both of my parents worked, but my dad was holding down two jobs, working during the day for his father in their auto-shop, and working the graveyard shift at the local rubber plant. So it was rough for a while. My parents rarely saw each other. That, coupled with stress from her job and being alone at night in a small house in a very rural area where its pitch black when the sun goes down, made my mom very paranoid to start with. Add to that, each morning when she carried me to the car to take me to work with her, there would be strange tires marks in the yard, and two perfect footprints next to them that she knew didn’t belong to her or my dad. It was a natural assumption on her part that Gene was driving all the way out to our house, parking and getting out to stand next to his car and watch the house.

Scared and angry, she went out and bought a new pistol, a .357 Magnum, and started staying up at night with it. She’d sit in the little hallway that ran down the middle of the house, the lights out, that gun in her lap,  both of our pit bulls sitting on one side of her, and me on a blanket, fast asleep next to her on the other side. From her vantage point, she could see right through the front windows down to the road. And she would wait right there until my dad came home from his shift, usually right at daylight. For a little while after beginning this routine, things quieted down. She was sure that Gene had heard about her purchasing the gun, and since everyone knew everyone, the whole town knew that she was one hell of a shot. She had the trophies to prove it.

One night, though, as my mom was keeping her nightly vigil, she saw headlights bumping up the dirt road that served as our driveway. She could tell it was a car. The lights were too low to the ground to be my dad’s big old Chevy truck. The dogs were growling next to her, the fur standing up damn near from tail to snout. They knew, like she knew, who it was. Very quietly, my mom stood up, telling the dogs to wait next to me. She made her way to the kitchen door and cracked it open. The house was unusual for where we lived. It was one of those el cheapo Jim Walter houses that stood up on stilts. So my mom was looking down a flight of steps from where she stood at the door, staring at the yard. Sure enough, there was just enough moonlight that she could see it was a sheriff’s car. But there were two people inside. She told me later in life that she was positive the driver was Gene, and after everything went down, she had that confirmed, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

To her horror, both individuals crept out of the car and were starting to climb the steps up to the house. As far as she knew, he hadn’t gotten that close to the house, but the only reason she could think of that he would be climbing those steps was that he was going to try this time to get in. And being by herself with an infant, she couldn’t quite bring herself to think about what his intentions were. She reacted on instinct and fired once down the stairs.

Someone screamed, which caused the dogs to immediately start barking, which in turn woke me up and made me cry. It was too dark to tell exactly what was happening on the steps, but my mom said that she thought she’d hit her mark, because it looked and sounded like something big was tumbling down the steps. Shouting and cussing, my mom stepped out onto the porch and fired at least three more rounds, peppering the car with bullet holes. Even with her ears ringing, she heard a voice calling her name that she was certain was Gene’s as the second person drug the first back into the car and scrambled to get in as well, hauling ass back down the driveway.

The next day, when my mom went to town, she saw Gene as she pulled into the local grocery store parking lot. His car had bullet holes in it and he was sporting a thick bandaged around his shoulder. She said he just stared at her as she walked into the store, no expression, just…watching her. One of his deputies was leaning back against the car, but he looked wary and mom always suspected that he’d been the one with Gene that night. After that, the calls stopped, but every now and then she’d spot him following her around town as the years went by. He got married, had kids of his own, but just last year, he sent her another letter, telling her that he’d leave his family for her if she ever wanted to be with him again.

We had other run-ins with Gene over the years, creeping around and following my sister and I, asking us about our mom, but those are other stories.

Want to know about Hoover Dam?

Please take a moment to read this post and reblog. I just want to use my freedom of speech to tell everyone about a low-key college that not many people know about. In college, rape happens quite frequently when the dean of a school lets students with gang murder charges, sexual assault, assault, and any type of criminal background go to this school with a 100% acceptance rate, New Mexico Highlands University. When too many criminals are put in one school just because they are so desperate for any type of income and/or a good sports team, the students’ safety are in danger. That is why the college denies it and covers it up. Crime statistics here are thought to be false. Schools that are 4th tier aka low income, low graduation rate, low GPA average, high drop out rate, and highest STD rate are so desperate for money because nobody wants to go there after all the stuff put in the news about the school that they are willing to let ANYONE in, as I previously said NMHU has a 100% acceptance rate for these reasons. I have had friends who have been raped and assaulted here and I have personally been assaulted. The dean showed no sympathy and did nothing about it. Many girls ended up dropping out of this school and their half-completed education went to waste because nothing is getting done about it. Help spread the word!!!

And this school has gotten sued for racial and sexual discrimination multiple times

I have just figured out there was new games on, and I had noticed I was bored. I went on the website to the fun zone.. and there it was… Deerling’s Season Slider… The game looked boring to me, I tried avoiding it alot, but It kept popping up. “Aw… Why not?” I clicked on it.. I played my first round…


I started to play it 24/7 I just couldn’t stop myself… Everyday, a better score, new trophies… It was just, so..


One day I got from school, finished my easy homework.. I went on the computer and got ready, but when I went on and clicked and the game… An error appeared? That never happens…. I restarted my computer about 4 times. The error went away, Started to play, and Deerling was… sad? So went I got to the bonus, and clicked on the sliders.. blood came out?! I knew something wasn’t right… I tried closing the game, but all I heard was.. “Do you wanna play some more?” In the most scariest voice ever! I tried everything… Shutting it down, pressing the X… But I thought deeper…. “UNPLUG IT!” I unplugged the computer… And I asked to get a new one, of course my mom said yes… Got a new computer, click on the internet, went to my email.. I got a message?

"Want to play again? ;D"


Sorry it sucked… I tried =w=”

Created Pasta by CottonKirby

May 21, 2011

Finally I got TF2 on Steam for free. I got to
play TF2 for the very first time. After 50
hours played, I reseived a new item. It was
called TF2 Note. I never seen that item any
where on the TF2 item page.

I posted it to my friends on facebook that
played TF2. They didn’t beleive me. Then I
took my camera and took the picture of the
note and send it to my friends and still
didn’t beleive me.

I turned to the game and opened the note and
DAYS”. I don’t beleive what I read.

20 days went by and nothing happend. Then when
I created a new server and the server loaded.
Thats where things get creepy. Instead of the
class selection, the screen went black and the
text appeared and said, “YOU SHOULD OF ACCEPT

Then the class selection went up and all of
them had some flesh missing and some had eyes
missing and some had bloody eyes.

I played the Scout. The map was dark with a
little light in it so I can see. I moved
around a bit while trying to figure out what
to do. Eventually I found a heavy standing
right in front of me. He had no eyes with
blood coming out of his eyes.

He came up to me and said, “YOU CAN’T TAKE A
Scout’s heart out and he fell. Then I was
back to the class selection menu. The Scout
wasn’t there at all. All there was is a grave
where the Scout was and the name on the tomb.

Then I played the Demoman. And yet again, the
dark map with a little light so I can see.
Then I found the Soldier and his mouth has
covered with blood. Then he came to me and
KILL YOU AND EAT YOU.” Then the Soldier killed
the Demoman and ate him.

Then the class selection came on again. And
again, the Demoman wasn’t there either or the
heavy and the soldier. The Demoman’s grave
was there with the name.

Then I played the Engineer and this time. The
color of the Engineer was purple. Then I went
to the construction menu. I built a sentry
and went to the construction menu again. And
there was another sentry and so I built that
one too. And after I built the two sentries.
Then two spies came out of nowhere. There is
the red spy and the blue spy. They both sap
the two sentries. Then they both said, “YOU
WARNING.” Then they both killed the Engineer.
And I went back to the class selection and the
Engineer’s grave was there with the name too.
And there was no Spy there either.

Then there was only the Sniper, the Medic, and
the Pyro. I played the Sniper and there was a
friendly Medic healing me. And the map was
back to normal. And I moved around the map to
find something. Then I found a red Pyro. Then
the Pyro removed the mask and said, “THIS IS
WARNING.” Then the Pyro killed both the Sniper
and the Medic. And then the Pyro lit them
both. And the Pyro showed up to the screen and
the Pyro’s face was all bloody and flesh
missing and eyes were missing with red dots.
Then the Pyro was screaming at me. Then the
computer crash and I coudn’t sleep for a month
and I didn’t get in Facebook for a month too.

Then one of my friend went to my house to see
what I was doing and why I hadn’t been on
Facebook for a month. I told him the story
and he went to my computer and find out that
I don’t have TF2 anymore. Then he started to
beleived and told my other friends this.

And I will never played TF2 again.

So this isnt a random story i came up with, this is a recurring dream i have it might seem funny to you, it might seem cheesey, but to me its just strange and i dont under stand it. So it starts off i move to a new house Im kinda pissed that i had to move from my friends and the town i grew up in. on the ride to the new house i stare out the window thinking about my friends and how i will never get to talk to them in real life, i can however call, or text them. I look away from my staring position at the window as my dad begind to speak, his voice sounding a little faint as if his voice was a distant yell, “its not all that bad, a new house a new start”. “yeah…” I respond with little effort “bullshit, I dont need a new fucking start i had a fine life at MY house” i couldnt help but think to my self. I here the screeching of the brakes as we pull in to the drive way of the new house. Of course being a new house I instently point out the flaws, witch was easy seeing as though half the house was covered in dieing vines. As the door opened i let out a juging grunt as the inside was worst than the out side, the walls had light red water marks, peeling paint and the carpet looked like someone had a bucket of dirt and rubbed it into every inch of the house and it left a perment stain. As anyone would i began to explore, i slowly walked every inch of the house judging it every irritating, creeky, god damn step. I only had one last place to search, the second floor. Now the stairs werent located at the front door, the main hallway, or even to the side wall when you first walk in, no it was at the back of the house. At first i thought i was a closet, but curiosity got the better of me and i looked inside half hoping to find a gun, or a dead body somthing exiting, but there was a staircase hugging the frame of the house. I climb the stairs as you would if you found a new area to explore. But at the top there was no “second floor” there was one giant room, imagine a attic but with a bed and table with a mirror, the weird part was it was the only clean room in the house. It looked as if somone had spent most of their time cleaning only this room. But the part that always scares the shit out of me is there is this stuffed rabbit just sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded in a circle of red liquid, the liquid i suspect is blood, is just continuisly swirling in a thin circle. At this point i leave, at a run. The dream then just takes me to night when im sleeping. i choose to sleep on the couch because my dad and sister have takin the only avalible rooms down stairs and i sure as hell am not going to to sleep up stairs. Just as I start to fall asleep i hear the sound of something running around. I instently sit up, and yell toward the sound ” who’s there?” … the sound stops but no response. I stand up and yell louder this time ” who the fuck is there?” this time a high pitched cracky sound like the sound of a witch speeking answers, ” you really dont fucking want to know”. My heart starts pumping and I start yelling for my dad. Then my vision is blurry, like as if somone had poured a glass of water on my face and the water is just permently attacted to my vision. I get the erge to walk to the kitchen. I walk to the kitchen as if im in a trance slow and wobble. When i reach the kitchen i see the rabbit, only the face wasnt one of a cute stuffed animal. Its face had become longer its irrises were a olive green, its pupples were enlarged and a dark blood red, its teeth were sticking out of its upper lip, the size of knife blades a dark yellow and jagged. its fur was long and wasnt so thick, it was like someone had lightly ripped out some of it strand by strand. I cant do anything but stare at it as it slowy, smoothly, slides across the floor to me. It then says somthing i cant hear and then it lets out a screech and starts to scratch at me ripping me open. I dont feel it but i know i should screem. Then he proceeds to rip out my inside one by one, I Fucking felt that, boy do i feel that. I screem as he slowly takes them and then adds them to a pile of rotting others. Then he looks me in to the face and says ” you DO still have an true emotion left….FEAR!” and with that i wake up.
same thing, same pain, same emotion, every night.

I love to play the Mario games, my favorite Mario game would be the origanal Super Mario World game.
I love to play this game with my cousin on my Wii, Until my mom sold the Wii. One day I was browsing the internet like a normal person. Until something caught my eye. I took a
close look at a program called, I was excited! I hadn’t
played the games since I was eight!
I downloaded the program and went
to find the folder. When I opened the folder I saw a note document with the name, ‘Password’. I opened the document and the document read, ‘Hello? Is anyone there?! If you can hear me please delete this game…
It’s not the usual Mario game you think it is! It’s not safe! Do not play this game it will haunt you for an
eternity!’. I was confused what could
be so bad about a Mario game?
I scrolled down the document until
I found the password. The password was very weird. It was, ‘666’. I started to feel this was just a joke the
creator was playing on me. I decided to play the game. I entered the password, opened the folder, opened the game, and bam! I was
playing Super Mario Brothers! The
title screen loaded up. There was something different about it. The title changed! It now read, ‘Turn back now.’! All caps! I decided to ignore it
and start up a new game when I started the game I saw something different where the lives were. Instead of having ten lives I had six hundred sixty six which spelled out 666. Instead of the usual background
it was black. Just plain, dark black! I then knew this game was edited by
the creator so I tried to shut off the game. But when I tried to exit nothing happend! I was confused and scared at the same time! I tried turning off my computer but nothing happend! I decided to continue the game. I selected the first level. I spawned in the the regular first level.
Except the only weird thing was every time I killed an enemy it made a screeching noise. I turned my audio down but that did nothing.
I was scared out of my mind. I reached the end where that pole was that you jump on. I jumped on the pole and then the screen cut to black. I was confused the game was different, to different! After about five seconds two buttons appeared. They read, ‘Die’ and ‘Kill Luigi’. My
mouth had dropped all the way to
my chest! How could someone do this to a game! I slowly chose Kill Luigi. The screen then cut to black again. Then, about three seconds later, I heard footsteps! Then I heard what sounded like someone picking up a knife from a table. Then I heard a voice! It sounded like Luigi! I cried as I heard Luigi beg Mario not to
murder him. After five seconds I
heard the knife thrust into Luigi I heard blood drip from his mouth onto the floor. Then it stopped. After about fifty seconds a small image pop up in the middle of the screen it
looked like Mario holding Luigi’s head! I looked really close. Then, the image got bigger and screamed at me! I almost got a heart attack! My computer shut down. I tried turning it back on but I couldn’t! I took it to a repair shop but they said they could turn it back on. To this day whenever someone talks about Mario I get a shiver down my spine.