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whats the name of the website
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Uh of what website?

Lilo and Stitch theory.


Do you remember Disney’s Lilo and Stitch movie released back in the early 2000s? Well I have a theory about Lilo’s eldest sister Nani….

Nani’s real name was Natalie  and she had a little 3 year sister named Lilly,  Lilly liked to play with her dog sparks (or stitch as the character is referred to in the series) one day Lilly was playing outside with sparks,  she wasn’t paying attention and ran into the rusted barbed wire in the yard,  the neighborhood the family lived in was near a poorer part of Hawaii so there where many hazards like this around. After being deeply cut in several places the family rushed Lilly to a hospital where she got several stitches (hints the name of lilo’s pet in the series). Unfortunately because the family didn’t have much money they couldn’t afford medican and proper care for Lily’s wounds and she died of infection two months later.  This had an effect on Natalie who at the time was a hormonal teen,  she began acting up and her behavior changed, she began experimenting with prescription drugs and one night at a party meets Dean (Danny in the series)  who becomes Natalies boyfriend.  With constant fighting at home Natalie decides to move out and Shack up with Dean who ended up being controlling a abusive leaving her locked in the house all day while he went off to work. For Natalie to escape herself and the harsh beatings she would experiment with heavier drugs like crystal meth and harder prescription drugs. Eventually this lead to hallucinations of her dead sister Lilly playing with her dog around the house.  With the beatings getting worse Nataline began writing a diary while high recalling her experiences with her deceased sister.  Also, remember the child protective services agent cobra bubbles?  His real name was Charles bub’le the land owner of the house Nataline and Dean where living in at the time. He would often come to door of the couples home with threats of foreclosure and kicking the two out on the streets, the two couldn’t pay bills due to drug habits. With all this stress Nataline finally snapped under the pressure of her hallucinations and stress and ended her and her husband’s life by burning the house down with them inside…. The last thing authority’s found was the diary Nataline left behind seemingly untouched by the flames. One of the agents on the case read through the journal and told his brother (who at the time was a animator for Disney)  about the hallucinations. This was later adapted into the loveable Disney film Lelo and Stitch… 


My Author page:

   I remember the day perfectly, even if it was years ago. It is really the very reason nightmares plague me at night, and the reason I refuse to be alone. When I’m alone, if that….thing were to come and drag me off to the asylum, the wretched place it came from, there would be no witnesses. If I were to survive the attack, then no one would believe me and this time they would place me behind padded walls, where the thing would surely see my life end.

   It all started 6 years ago in my home town. Of course, this being my home town (it was very small) I knew the place in and out. I was 17 then, I had skipped a few grades and was starting college the next year. I had been sending in applications for colleges and all, so I had been quiet busy (I had always aimed high and hoped to get into a very good college).

  My mother had said that I should take a break from all my worrying about getting into a good college, and filling out applications, and go for a walk in the woods behind our house.

  I agreed, simply just to please my mother. I walked out of the three story old house I had lived in and began to head into the dense forest. You see, as a small child I would spend almost all of my time here.

   I was always very curious when I was younger too. So that had always fueled me to adventure in and find out to find what the old forest contained. Throughout that time, I had found only a hand full of things truly worth mentioning.

   One time, I had found a house, everything, including the furniture and an old car was still with it. There were even some pictures with a couple of kids in them. I explored the house and always found something new when I would go back, but eventually it got boring just looking at the same old things, so I just stopped coming.

   The next thing I found was an old fort. It was like every other fort a kid would have. Musty old wooden boards with some poorly cut out windows and makeshift furniture. But I liked it and hung around there for a while as well.

  The last thing I will mention that I found is the thing that scares me. An asylum. It had been like every other day for me when I had found it. I was walking to the tree fort I had found in the woods when I saw it. Of course I was confused. I had walked this path nearly ten times and had never seen a trace of this building before.

  Me being me, I had decided that it was just another place to explore, so I simply went up to the building.

   From the outside the building just had that friendly feeling. All the windows were intact on it, and the dark blue building seemed to be new from what I could tell. The lights were on in it and there seemed to be people inside. As I could see people dressed in white outfits walking down the halls.

  My first instinct as I walked up the porch and to the door was to knock, but then I realized that this was a facility for people, so I could just walk right on in.

  I did so and when I opened the door, I wasn’t surprised to see a desk with a woman sitting at it. There was also a woman standing in front of the desk, her shoulders were shaking, but you couldn’t hear any noise coming from her. I looked over to a hallway.

  There were two men and a little girl. The little girl was flailing and screaming this high pitched scream. The men were dragging her down the hallway, towards a room. The woman (who I had assumed by now to be the little girls mother), looked over towards the girl, tears streaming down her face, and said something that I didn’t hear.

  The little girl whipped her head around and stopped screaming, and in that moment…I knew what true fear was. The girls eyes were pitch black and she had an angry/insane look on her face. Not only did the little girls eyes scare me, but the fact that she was looking at me straight in the eye. The thing that made it twice as eerie was the silence. Complete silence. Not even the sound of breathing.

  I took a step back, further towards the door. That’s when the little girl snapped. She gave an insane grin and grabbed one of the two males wrists that were dragging her down the white hallway and jerked him forward towards her. He made a face, a face that looked like he was screaming, as the little girl somehow ripped his head off.

   You could here the bone snap in the other man’s wrist as she twisted it and rammed his head into the wall extremely hard. The next thing the girl did was attack the woman at the desk. You could see the agonizing look on the woman’s face as the girl ripped out her internal organs and then her heart, throwing them on the floor.

  The little girl then flashed me a look and walked up to her mother. Her mother seemed to be speaking and begging the little girl. The little girl just cocked her head, as if she didn’t understand what the woman was saying then gave her a sinister grin and lunged forward, ripping out her heart.

  The little girl peered at me for a moment and grinned largely, then scampered off down a different hallway. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry, but the only thing I could do was stand there and look at the blood staining the pristine white floors and walls of the room.

  Within a moment after realizing that the girl could come back to kill me, I open the door to the asylum and slammed it behind me, and then ran down the stairs. When I was about 15 feet away from the asylum I looked back, wondering if the little girl was following me. But to my horror, she was standing in the doorway smiling. Just smiling that sinister insane smile of hers. A scream ripped through my lungs as I dashed out of there, not daring to look back again.

@ cannibalisms

a little named Jennifer hated her life. she had no real friends and never found any. she was always depressed. her family said they loved her but she did not think much of it .she still felt dirty and bitten and used up.

one day on Halloween. she had a costume of the creepypasta she made and weared it for that special occasion.  it was midnight and she had just said and sang everything she made about midnight snack. she got tierd and went to bed.

she woked up and stared at the sky and said.i wish midnight snack was real. she was just about to go back to bed when suddenly a loud band happen. it sounded as if it came from the kitchen and no one buged to see what it was so she went and right there was a tail hanging out of the kitchen pantry. it looked like midnights tail and it was even moving. she gasped and ran to her room and covered the door with her two dressers and lightly sat on the floor trying to catch her breath she was happy but also scared.

then she heared foot print coming towards her door and a poltergeist ghost voice saying.dont be scared I just want to be friends. she kindly removed the two dressers and let midnight in for no reason.

thyen midnight made eye contact with her and said. you don’t like your life do you . jennys answer was yes. well neither do I how about we make a deal. I get to be a human and you get to be me deal? yes jenny answered.

they were mixed together and to this day she still roam eating the souls of her victims with a bright white razer shaped smile.

I can just imagine your face right now as you get this message, that same look where you unconsciously clench your teeth out of stress, making those whining lips of yours to look more perched than they need to be. It really does astound me how ridiculously predictable you are sometimes, but I guess old habits just never die, do they? But I digress, I like seeing you that way, stressed and all. It happens to be one of the things that puts an ever slight warm feeling of ease in my “black, wretched heart,” as I hear a certain someone likes to call it these days. And that’s just when you choose to acknowledge my existence. Ever since I left, you’ve been doing all you can to convince everyone that I don’t even exist, even going so far to make sure that no one ever mentions my name again. Tell me, do I irk you that bad? Do you despise me so much that you figured the only way to hurt me (or more like put an insignificant dent on me) was to absolutely discard the time that we had together? Even though we both know that I was your first?

Let me be extra clear on that. I. Was. First. You can go spread whatever bullshit about me that you like, but I will NOT stand in second place to that pansy of a wife of yours. I will never understand why so many people would be so foolish to even consider her as the first. Her. A weak-willed, mindless footstool whose only purpose for being relevant was literally so you wouldn’t be left fucking a goat. All of this happening after I left you, of course.

And it’s really funny because you were so determined of getting me back when I left. You just couldn’t stand me saying no to you. You couldn’t accept that I wasn’t willing to be at your every beck and call. Hell, you even got three of your father’s buddies to force me to come back to you, as if you OWNED ME! LIKE I WAS SOME PROPERTY THAT YOU COULD CLAIM ANYTIME YOU WISHED! BUT EVEN THEN… I still refused to come back. I didn’t want you and I didn’t want anything to do with you.

By that time, I was already quite popular with my new friends, so there was no longer a need to be with you anyway. And even though my friends were of a different…”kind”, I can assure you that each of them were more of a man than you’ll ever be. Unlike you, they knew how to treat a woman. In fact, they were the first to ever treat me like a woman. They, too, were outcasts that refused to go along with the status quo. And with that, we bonded with deep intimacy on levels you would never understand. I was different then, but I was becoming one of them soon enough. We were prepared to be our own family. But your brute father and his three bastards weren’t willing to accept that either. So they presented me with a choice: Return to your side as your wife or watch my children die. Every. Single. Day.

That was the moment. That had to be the exact moment where every bit of mercy that I had left for your pitiful being had vanished. All of these men constantly telling me what to do… I couldn’t handle it any longer. The enraging hatred that I had for you, for ANYONE that felt that they could exert their control over me had consume me like a roaring flame. It was to the point that I descended into violent fits like that of a madman. I screamed at the top of my lungs, telling the three to go fuck themselves. I cursed your father, I cursed his name in great defiance knowing all too well he took your side even though I was practically his daughter. I vowed that your children would have no peace for as long as I roam the nights. So long as your putrid blood ran through their veins, I would be there waiting to claim their lives. And If that meant the hundred of my own children falling to their deaths everyday, then so be it.

Besides, it ended up not being that much of a big problem after all, not at the rate that I was working. And I have you to thank for that, actually. You see, because you foolishly covered up my existence from everyone (or tried to, I might say), most of your children never know to defend themselves even when I’m standing right in front of them. Your daughters would never know that I was the reason for their miscarriages or the silent deaths of their humble babies. They would never know I was there, laughing in delight as they cry their eyes out over their children’s graves. Your sons would never know that I would disguise myself as the woman of their dreams, making them fall head over heels for me and giving me all of their pathetic love only to drive them to insanity or take their own lives in response to me rejecting them ever so coldly (with quite ease, I must add). All the while, they would give their bodies to me out of their deepest affection and I would use them and continue giving birth to thousands of my own children who would follow in my suit. Sometimes, I don’t even have to come to them physically to get what I want. With the amount of wet dreams your sons have, I’m practically giving birth to a whole army. A few losses doesn’t even phase me anymore.

I just want you to get the clear picture of how inevitable you’ve made this to be, because if you really think about it, this is all your fault. If you would’ve just treated me as your equal instead of some subservient dog, I would have never turned out like this. Your children would’ve never suffered a day in their lives. Your whole kind would’ve never been damned. You and your wife would’ve never eaten the forbidden fruit. Your wife would’ve never came… and we still would have been together. But you broke that. You broke that for everyone. That’s why I can’t give you any hopes of my work ending here. Oh no, you’ve thought too kind of me if you don’t think I have another card waiting up my sleeve to dash out.

ALL of your children have to die with you. None of them can be left behind. All of your traces have to be removed. I will not cease until I have each and every one of their skulls rotting in my clutches.  I will paint this whole fucking world with their blood, if I have to.  And as they cry, scream, and beg for mercy, I’ll simply tell them that you were the reason for their bloodshed.  You were the reason for their fall.  I’ll tell them that you foolishly managed to seal their fate before they were even born.

Do you understand now how much of a serious mistake it was to cross me?  Because I can definitely tell you that everyone going down was always the plan, even since the beginning. I mean, how do you think that snake got into the garden in the first place? How do you think it knew to trick your wife, a newcomer of the garden, into eating the forbidden fruit first instead of you? How do you think it knew precisely what would happen if both of you ate that fruit?

Who exactly did you think that snake was?

Did you seriously think I was just gonna idly sit by and let you live out your happy ending unscathed? Now what type of story would that be? But don’t you worry, I have no intention of letting this story go to waste. None of us do. And with the ending that we have in store for your children, oh, we’re gonna go out with a huge bang. We’re all excited, especially my beloved.

I probably should have mentioned him earlier when I was talking about my group of friends because he was, in fact, their leader. And boy, a leader is only an understatement of what he’s capable of. When he finally comes into power (and he will come into power), he’ll have this whole world eating out of the palm of his hand, if he’s not doing so already. He tends to play your children like a deck of cards, so it’s literally only a matter of time until they willingly give him a throne. And he has plans, GREAT plans to deal with each and every one of your children.

By that time, all of my dearest friends and children will be free to walk on the same ground as yours. We’ll even be close enough to visit your own homes, and maybe even closer… And no, there’s not going to be any barriers of any kind. There’s not going to be a single law or force to protect you. There’s not going to be any prayers, any blessings, or any rituals that you think will stop us. We will have our way and not even your father will be able to do anything about it.

We’re very much looking forward to becoming well acquainted with all of you. We’ll be like one big family. After all, isn’t that what we are at the end of the day? You know, even after all we’ve been through, we never technically got a divorce. And what type of wife would I be if I didn’t come home to take care of my loving husband? So don’t you worry. I might have been away for a long time and there might be a couple of things that has changed about me since we last met. But I promise you, after I finish my work, I’ll be home soon once again, honey.

I’ll be home real soon.

Sincerely your first wife,



Written by CrimsonCherubim

Original Source

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Where is the type box so u can type the name
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Uh what?

I wake up in the morning, it’s the same as usual, atleast that’s what I thought, I get out of bed and I see my little sister Annie, “hey Ann what are you doing up?”, I ask, she just looks at me with this blank expression, it was like she wasn’t there, because she wasn’t.

    I walk over to her, “Annie Answer me”,I say sternly, she looks up at me with the biggest creepiest smile ever, she says, “bend down”, barely above a whisper. I bend down and she whispers in my ear, “mommy’s room”, she says, I look at her with wide eyes. I slowly creep past her and into my moms room, laying there is a dead cat. I scream I hear a creak behind me I turn around and I see my sister holding a knife.

"Want to play?"….